How to meditate – physical posture

Recommended Physical Posture for meditation

Please sit cross-legged or on a straight-backed chair. The half-lotus or full lotus positions are not necessary.

Keep your spine and posture erect, but not uncomfortably so. A military-style stiffness is not necessary.

Your body should be balanced and symettrical, not leaning to one side or bending forwards. When seated, if your feet are flat on the floor, that will help to stay upright. Avoid crossed legs while seated.

Please see additional notes & diagrams below, describing some of the suggested techniques for how to sit while meditating.

Sit, Breathe, Relax

Hands can be resting comfortably on your lap, or on your legs – pointing up or down. Avoid having the fingers interlaced – this creates pressure points.

Ideal eye position is half-open, half-closed. This is called the Lion’s Gaze.

Clean white or light-colored clothing is recommended. Ideally you only meditate in this clothing. This should not be the same clothing you wear to work.