About our meditation courses


Our next Free Introductory Meditation Course(s) in English will begin in February 2022

We are excited to offer a permanent place for classes and musical events, where we have a meditation hall to teach classes and practice meditation in a peaceful and harmonious environment as well as adhere to safety protocols.  Please text 514-833-5692 to register and get the address. It is in NDG-CDN 5 minutes from both Villa Maria and Snowdon Metros. We are easily accessible by car from Autoroute Decarie – Hwy 15. Space is limited for now (Nov. 2021) to 7 people. ( 10 including teachers )  to respect the government’s regulations. If it changes in the new year, we will add numbers.  After you register, we will call you to give you the address and the course details.

Once the initial course is completed, follow-up classes are offered for those who wish to take their meditation practice seriously. As always, there is no charge.

Our introductory meditation courses are  4 sessions long and are done as a progression.They can occur in the afternoons or evenings and on a few different days, depending on registration and availability.

Simple techniques in relaxation, concentration, meditation, breathing, and mantras are explained and practiced in each class. Some of our instructors utilize music or singing as a concentration technique. Guided meditations are a core component of these sessions. Accompanying handouts may be given to help reinforce your practice.

Each course involves a progression, so attendance at each class is recommended. No new students are permitted after the 2nd session but are welcome to take the next course.

  The exact dates and times of the next classes are not yet set, so in the meantime, please read the ‘ABCs of  Meditation’ book by Devaki Groulx, to get you started. Stay safe and healthy!

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About Our Instructors

 Abhijit has studied the teachings of Sri Chinmoy since 1995. He has assisted and facilitated meditation courses in England, Newfoundland, Slovenia, Ireland, Vancouver, Poland, USA, Australia and more. Abhijit has had various careers, including computer programmer, systems analyst, project manager, accountant, waiter, cook, logistics coordinator and salesman/purchaser in the flower import industry. Sharing Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy of meditation with members of the public is one of Abhijit’s most satisfying activities.

Abhijit loves to visit the mountains for hiking, alpine & cross-country skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, swimming, mountaineering, and snowmobiling. He is a vocalist/percussionist in the Pavaka Ensemble, and also assists with website maintenance.


Vidura, now retired, was the logistics manager at Oneness Fragrance-Glow (Cambrian Distribution Florale), a flower importation company.

He has been meditating since 1971. Fluently bilingual (French and English), Vidura offers meditation classes in both of Canada’s official languages. He is an avid runner and excellent singer. He leads a singing group consisting of singers from across Canada. He is also a member of the music group ‘The Pavaka Ensemble’, a music group dedicated to arranging the songs of Sri Chinmoy and frequent performers at various meditation classes throughout eastern Canada. Vidura has started a new business, ‘Harmonic Vibrations’, in which singing bowls, gongs, and a variety of melodic instruments are used to relax and re-harmonize the body.

The Pavaka Ensemble at the Sri Chinmoy Art Gallery – Ottawa, Ontario.

Pavaka ensemble hands together Ottawa Gallery. web. Prabhakar


Devaki is a lecturer in English as a Second Language (ESL) at McGill University in the School of Continuing Studies and has been teaching foreign students the basics of English grammar and conversation in both the Intensive and part-time programs for over 40 years. She was also a children’s performer and amateur ventriloquist.

She has been meditating using Sri Chinmoy’s techniques since 1972 and giving meditation classes in the Montreal area for over 30 years.  During the pamdemic has also given online meditation classes for MORSL ( McGill  Office of Religious and Spiritual Life ), and She has also taught meditation in western Canada and the Czech Republic. She has also written a short book entitled The ABC of Meditation-A Beginner’s Course“(available on this site ) as well as an autobiography of her life as a spiritual seeker under the guidance of her spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy.

sugandhaSugandha Barkman has been meditating with the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Montreal for over 30 years and been involved in giving courses in the English language during this time.  She has a love of spiritual music and literature, which has been a great source of inspiration. She participates regularly in a choral group that sings mantric compositions of Sri Chinmoy’s songs.