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Our next free introductory meditation classes in English will be held in June on Tuesdays,11,18,25, and July 2 and 9, 2024 at 6 pm. Classes will be held in our Snowdon location near Villa Maria or Snowdon Metros. Please click the HOME tab on top for more information.

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About Our Instructors

Devaki Groulx, meditation instructor.

Devaki  Groulx is the co-leader of the Montreal Sri Chinmoy Centre with her husband Vidura. She has been meditating using Sri Chinmoy’s techniques since 1972  and giving meditation classes in the Montreal area for over 35 years.   Now retired, after being a lecturer at McGill University in Montreal for over  40 years, she was also involved with MORSL(McGill  Office of Religious and Spiritual Life ) and offered online meditation classes for them and the general public during Covid restrictions. Classes are now entirely in person. She is also a volunteer English teacher for displaced Ukrainian refugees in Montreal. Teaching courses online throughout the pandemic helped her develop a comprehensive, instructive and interactive meditation course using both PowerPoint slides and ‘live’ instruction. However, in-person classes are the best for sharing positive energy and creating a peaceful atmosphere. We are happy that classes can now be taught this way with safety protocols respected if necessary. We would be grateful for participants to be vaccinated. Devaki has also taught meditation in Western Canada and the Czech Republic. She has written a short book entitled The ABC of Meditation-A Beginner’s Course“(available on this site ) and as an ebook in Kindle and soft cover on Amazon, as well as an autobiography as a spiritual seeker under the guidance of her spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy. As an amateur ventriloquist and a professional ESL teacher,  Devaki has produced a YouTube series titled, ‘Learn English With Devaki and Rosy’.  She aims to bring joy and peace to others through meditation classes and innocent fun with her puppets!


 Abhijit has studied the teachings of Sri Chinmoy since 1995. He has assisted and facilitated meditation courses in England, Newfoundland, Slovenia, Ireland, Vancouver, Poland, USA, Australia and more. Abhijit has had various careers, including computer programmer, systems analyst, project manager, accountant, waiter, cook, logistics coordinator and salesman/purchaser in the flower import industry. Sharing Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy of meditation with members of the public is one of Abhijit’s most satisfying activities.

Abhijit loves to visit the mountains for hiking, alpine & cross-country skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, swimming, mountaineering, and snowmobiling. He is a vocalist/percussionist in the Pavaka Ensemble, and also assists with website maintenance.


Vidura, now retired, was the logistics manager at Oneness Fragrance-Glow (Cambrian Distribution Florale), a flower importation company.

He has been meditating since 1971. Fluently bilingual (French and English), Vidura offers meditation classes in both of Canada’s official languages. He is an avid runner and excellent singer. He leads a singing group consisting of singers from across Canada. He is also a member of the music group ‘The Pavaka Ensemble’, a music group dedicated to arranging the songs of Sri Chinmoy and frequent performers at various meditation classes throughout eastern Canada. Vidura has started a new business, ‘Harmonic Vibrations’, in which singing bowls, gongs, and a variety of melodic instruments are used to relax and re-harmonize the body.

The Pavaka Ensemble at the Sri Chinmoy Art Gallery – Ottawa, Ontario.

Pavaka ensemble hands together Ottawa Gallery. web. Prabhakar


sugandhaSugandha Barkman has been meditating with the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Montreal for over 30 years and been involved in giving courses in the English language during this time.  She has a love of spiritual music and literature, which has been a great source of inspiration. She participates regularly in a choral group that sings mantric compositions of Sri Chinmoy’s songs.