ABC’s of meditation, ch5, part 1: A Special Place


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A Special Place

Set aside a special, separate place to meditate. This could be a corner of a room or any quiet and private place. It is much better to have a quiet place to meditate because here you can build up your own vibration or feeling, and the other activities you’re involved in won’t interfere. The reason I say ‘separate’ is because each place in your house or apartment carries its own vibration. For example, the kitchen makes you think of eating or cooking. Therefore, if you try to meditate there, you will be distracted by those thoughts. If you meditate on your bed, the tendency will be to fall asleep. It is important to remain alert and conscious when you meditate.

Make Your Special Place Beautiful

Set up your special area so it is comfortable, inviting and inspiring. The mind will think up a thousand excuses why you can’t meditate today, so you have to trick it by loving your special place. It will be so appealing to you that you will be drawn to it first thing every morning.

Setting Up Your Meditation Area

Here are some suggestions: Get a little table and put a nice cloth on it. Place a candle and a flower in a pretty vase there for your concentration exercises. If there is something else special for you either of a sentimental or a spiritual nature, place it there also. Many people feel comforted to have a picture of their spiritual teacher or have a religious figure. A painting of Jesus or a statue of the Buddha or anyone you identify with is very helpful.

When to Meditate

Mediate as soon as you get up. Needless to say, the earlier you meditate, the better because earlier in the morning you are fighting off fewer distractions. Especially if you have a family, you’ll want to get up a little earlier so that you can have that special quiet time to yourself. This is the time that you can energize yourself for the day.

As soon as you get up, take a shower if possible, to wake yourself up, or at least wash your face and eyes. Brush your teeth so you will feel fresh and awake. If you think you’re going to starve, drink something very light like juice.

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