ABC’s of meditation, ch5, part 3: Dreams come true



What about your inspirations and ideas? How can meditation help you realize your dreams? As I said, meditation will increase your determination, discipline, enthusiasm and self-confidence. Next time you meditate, after doing some of the above-mentioned techniques to quiet your mind, find your inner self and focus on it. Do this by concentration on your heart. Ask your inner self what is best for you to do with regard to your ideas, your future, your job, a creative idea, etc. Don’t have any preconceived ideas.

Try to listen to what your heart tells you. You may not hear it right away – the answer may well come when and how you least expect it. An idea will flash through your mind and at the same time your heart will feel very happy. (You may have a dream where what you should do is very clear.) You may hear an inner voice telling what to do. Trust these manifestations of your inner self. If you feel happy when you get them, this is a way to know that they are real. If you automatically doubt and question, it could be your imagination working overtime. Get into the habit of listening to and trusting your inner self. When you do that, as I and countless others have done, you can’t go wrong. It’s when you don’t listen that things often go wrong.

Sometimes you may feel from your heart that you should do something, and it wasn’t what you had planned at all. Trust your inner self to lead you in the right direction. Perhaps what you had planned would have been all wrong for what you are really supposed to do.

I really believe that everyone is put on this earth for a purpose. Sometimes we don’t discover that purpose until we begin to meditate, and then it all becomes much clearer. Your life comes into focus and some things may end up changing. If you go ‘deep within’, as Sri Chinmoy calls it, you will be directed in your meditation. The changes will be for the better and will lead you to a position where you can do what you were meant to do.

This could be at any age – 16, 19, (as I was), 30, 40, 50 or any age. We have a woman in our meditation centre who, although she had been meditating most of her life, joined Sri Chinmoy’s Centre when she was 75. She had just lost her husband after 50 years of marriage. Instead of grieving and feeling bitter she devoted her life to positive action and spirituality. She lived well into her 90s and still participated in numerous activities as well as taking care of her own cooking and cleaning in her own house. I might mention that this woman had been a vegetarian since 1930, way before it was in fashion. Other inspiring older women who came in their 40s are still active in the meditation Centre in their late 80s and 90s.

This brings us to the next chapter, in which we will discuss diet and exercise.