Free Montreal Concert

In Montreal on October 14th, 2019, we are presenting the ‘Songs of the Soul’ – a unique concert of meditative music featuring musicians from  Canada, USA, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is part of a 4-city Canadian tour continuing to Ottawa on Oct. 15, Kingston on Oct. 16  and Toronto on Oct. 17.

It will take place at  the Salle Émile-Legault at 7:00 PM, 613 Sainte-Croix Avenue, Montreal. Venue is just 5 minutes walk from  métro Du Collège.
The concert is free, but reservations are required and tickets can be picked up at the concert hall on the evening of Oct. 14th. To reserve your tickets, you can Register Online or call:  514-489-5692 (landline).

Please arrive at the venue by 6:45 pm and enter the ‘Reserved Tickets’ line. At 6:50 pm we will open the doors to the ‘No Tickets’ audience and all reserved seats will be released to the general public.

Feel free to review the dates for the entire concert tour at our ‘Songs of the Soul‘ website.

The concert will primarily present a meditative environment full of Peace and Joy, featuring exclusively the compositions of Sri Chinmoy.

Below, you see 1 of 7 groups that will perform: ‘Sangit Surabhi’ from Ottawa.   

Please visit for more information and to see pictures of  past concerts.

And below we have Pavaka’s group:

And below here is Agnikana’s group from Czech Republic.