Meditation and Art


Meditation and Art

by Sonia Roseval

My experience with art and meditation runs parallel.

The more I meditate, the more the expression of art has a deeper meaning.

The very action that I take when painting becomes a form of meditation.

What I feel, I am able to easily and freely without any barriors, manifest onto my canvas.

Any color I choose,  be it just one or many, reinforces my intensity or translates my emotions onto the canvas, thus producing an inner landscape.

How it is viewed  by others is personal ; however, it is meant to  convey the more positive aspect of creation.

The regularity of meditation is a conduit for my work to improve  and become  more meaningful. That is the least I could say.

For me , painting is not just to reach a certain status within its realm, but  it is to  connect me to a higher and  more fulfilling reality.

My art is not a means of recognition but a way to my life.

What I discovered is that what  stagnates cannot eternally be. There is action within inaction.

Everything is ultimately about the beauty of becoming.