Welcome to, a site maintained by the Montreal Sri Chinmoy Centre. For the past 35 years our members  have been offering free meditation workshops, classes and concerts of meditative music throughout the Montreal area.  Thousands of meditation students have benefited from these  classes by adopting techniques to help them achieve calmer, happier and more meaningful lives. We welcome you to join us!


Special Event !! Free Concert “Songs of the Soul” in Montreal, Oct. 14th @ 7pm

Salle Émile-Legault, 613 Sainte Croix Ave, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 5P5

Photo with blue lighting is just 1 of 6 groups, the Pavaka Ensemble, that will perform at this delightful event.

Our next Free Introductory Meditation Course(s) in English will start on Oct. 29th, 2019, at 7pm. Please register now (on the ‘Contact Us‘ page) and we will call you to describe the course.


All of our meditation classes are free of charge! 


 For further information, please call 514-625-1327 


Devaki and Vidura (Meditation Centre leaders in Montreal)


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We offer free meditation courses in many Canadian cities, not just the ones listed below…


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