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 Welcome to, a site maintained by the   Montreal Sri Chinmoy Centre. For the past 35 years our members  have been offering free meditation workshops, classes and  concerts of meditative music throughout the Montreal area.  Thousands of meditation students have benefited from these  classes by adopting techniques to help them achieve calmer, happier and more meaningful lives. We welcome you to join us!

The  free meditation  classes  in French will be starting on November 16, for 4 Monday evenings at 6:30 pm in downtown Montreal. 

For information on, or to register for the next set of classes, please leave your name and contact number on the ‘Contact Us‘ page, and we will call you with the specific information regarding the upcoming location and dates.  All classes are free of charge! 


jharna kala 08_0

November 19th was the 40th anniversary of when Sri Chinmoy began painting spiritual works of art called Jharna Kala ( Fountain Art), in Ottawa, Canada. To commemorate this occasion , the Canadian Sri Chinmoy Centres have opened a temporary Art Gallery in Ottawa from now until the end of December. The gallery is situated at  34 Elgin Street at Queen Street, very close to the Parliament Buildings and Spark Street Mall.

The entrance is free!

Enjoy the peaceful and joyful paintings. Here are a few pictures. .IMG_4488IMG_4490IMG_4493IMG_4449IMG_4499


 For further information, please call 514-489-5692 

Peace and light.

Devaki and Vidura (Meditation Centre leaders in Montreal)

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